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la rams depth chart

This is the current state of the LA Rams depth chart, listing who is the starter, second-teamer and third-teamer at various positions. Please note that at multiple positions, like cornerback or wide receiver, a second-teamer is often really a starter, because teams will open games in either four wide receiver sets or in a nickel defense.

These listings are fluid, especially during the off-season when big changes are often made. The Rams still have to go through the NFL Draft and free agency.

Below are the LA Rams depth chart tables for the 2023-2024 offense, defense and special teams. Last updated: March 28, 2023

  • Head Coach: Sean McVay
  • Offensive Coordinator: Mike LaFleur
  • Defensive Coordinator: Raheem Morris
  • Special Teams: Chase Blackburn

Rams depth chart (offense)

Quarterback (QB)Matthew StaffordJohn Wolford
Running Back (RB)Cam AkersKyren WilliamsRonnie RiversMalcolm Brown
Wide Receiver (WR)Cooper KuppTutu AtwellBrandon Powell
Wide Receiver (WR)Van JeffersonJacob HarrisJJ Koski
Wide Receiver (WR)Ben SkowronekTutu AtwellAustin Trammell
Tight End (TE)Tyler HigbeeBrycen HopkinsJared Pinkney
Left Tackle (LT)Joe NoteboomTy NsekheAJ Arcuri
Left Guard (LG)David EdwardsMatt SkuraTremayne Anchrum
Center (C)Brian AllenColeman Shelton
Right Guard (RG)Logan BrussChandler BrewerZach Thomas
Right Tackle (RT)Rob HavensteinAlaric Jackson

Rams depth chart (defense)

Defensive End (DE)Jonah WilliamsEarnest Brown
Defensive Tackle (DT)Aaron DonaldMarquise CopelandLarrell Murchison
Nose Tackle (NT)Bobby Brown
Outside Linebacker (OLB)Daniel Hardy
Middle Linebacker (MLB)Ernest JonesTravin HowardJake Hummel
Middle Linebacker (MLB)Christian RozeboomJake Gervase
Outside Linebacker (OLB)Michael HoechtThomas Keir
Cornerback (CB)David LongRobert Rochell
Strong Safety (SS)Taylor RappJordan Fuller
Free Safety (FS)Russ YeastQuentin Lake
Cornerback (CB)Cobie DurantGrant Haley

Rams depth chart (special teams)

Kicker (K)TBD
Punter (P)TBD
Holder (H)TBD
Kick Returner (KR)TBD
Punt Returner (PR)TBD
Long Snapper (LS)Matthew Orzech

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