The 10 Most Devastating Rams Losses Since 2000

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tom brady

Think of the Los Angeles Rams today and you think of winners. But that hasn’t always been the case.

Since 2000, the Rams have a record of 166-186, which ranks them 20th in the league during that time frame.

However, only two of those teams below 20 (the Rams and the Bucs) have also won a Super Bowl title during that time.

The Rams are defending Super Bowl LVI champs but suffered some dark days before moving to Los Angeles from St. Louis. Not every one of those 186 losses cut the same.

Here are 10 of the worst losses for the Rams since 2000.

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10. Chiefs 54, Rams 34 – 2000 Week 7

The Rams were 6-0 and in the prime of the Greatest Show of Turf Era when they got stomped by the Chiefs at Arrowhead. Kurt Warner broke his finger on getting a snap back from center, and honestly, his career was never the same.

Marshall Faulk hurt his shoulder in this one and the 54 points were the most the Chiefs had ever scored at home to that point.

9. Eagles 43, Rams 35 – 2017 Week 14

The final score is a bit deceiving because the Eagles ran back a lateral on the last play.

The Rams were down 37-35 with two minutes left but had to punt and then couldn’t stop the Eagles, who got a key pass from Nick Foles to convert on third and eight. Rams quarterback Jared Goff had been strip sacked with 8:13 left, leading to the go-ahead score for Philly.

A lot of Eagle fans in the LA Memorial Coliseum enjoyed every minute.

8. Steelers 27, Rams 0 – 2011 Week 16

Enjoy these days now, Ram fans, because the Rams were bad — really bad for a long time. This was the nadir, a Christmas Eve game in Pittsburgh against back-up Charlie Batch (Ben Roethlisberger was hurt).

The Rams were 2-12 and started Kellen Clemens, who had joined the team two weeks prior. He completed a total of nine passes for 91 yards. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo would be fired and the Rams brought in Jeff Fisher. The dark times were just starting.

7. Ravens 45, Rams 6 – 2019 Week 12

It was Monday Night Football, and this was one of the first signs that the Goff thing just wasn’t going to work long-term.

The Rams’ defense didn’t show up allowing the Ravens to score six touchdowns on their first six drives. Lamar Jackson threw for five touchdowns and ran for 95 yards. It’s the Rams worst loss under Coach Sean McVay.

6. 49ers 28, Rams 0 – 2016 Week 1

Looking back on this one now, it’s funny to see the media hailing the start of the 49ers “Chip Kelly Era.” Yeah, how did that one work out?

The Rams had drafted Goff, but Coach Jeff Fisher was too smart (dumb) to play him. Case Keenum was the Rams starting quarterback. The Rams had 185 yards and 10 first downs for the whole game. What a great opener.

You might remember this one for Aaron Donald getting ejected at the end for getting into it with a 49er and then making contact with a ref.

5. Lions 31, Rams 28 – 2016 Week 5

The Rams were enjoying the honeymoon phase after moving to LA. They were 3-1 and had the hapless Lions coming to town.

However, the Rams got Fisher-ed.

Tied at 14 at the end of the first half with four seconds left at the Lions one, the Rams opted to go for it with a run by Todd Gurley straight up the middle. The Lions were not fooled.

It was almost like they expected the most basic, boring play in football.

Matt Prater would drill a 34-yard field goal with 1:33 left for the Lions and Case Keenum would throw a pick a few seconds later to seal it. Fisher said after the game “Shoot, you’ve got to bang that in.”

The Rams would only win one more game all season, and Fisher was banged with three weeks left.

The Lions quarterback that day? Matthew Stafford. So something good did come out of this game for the Rams.

4. Patriots 13, Rams 3 – Super Bowl LIII

Maybe it was the Football Gods’ revenge after the Rams got into the Super Bowl via questionable means by beating New Orleans in overtime, but this Super Bowl was a bore. The Patriots didn’t do much until the fourth quarter, and the Rams didn’t do much the whole game. This game would rank higher, except for it really was a dud from the start.

The 13-3 final is the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever.

3. Seahawks 30, Rams 28 – 2006 Week 6

Games can’t end on offensive penalties, right?


Apparently, they can. The Rams were 4-1 under Coach Scott Linehan and in line for a big division win over the rising Seahawks. Torry Holt made a sensational 67-yard TD catch. Seattle got the ball at its own 17 with under two minutes and no timeouts, down 28-27.

They drive to the Ram 31, and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck spikes the ball to stop the clock with four seconds left. But wait, flags. Seattle called for an illegal formation.

The Rams celebrate; a Seahawks penalty should come with a mandatory 10-second runoff. So game over.

But no. That only applies to a false start or players not being set.

The penalty is marked off. Josh Brown drills a 54-yarder to win it. It was the high-water mark of the Scott Linehan tenure.

2. Panthers 29, Rams 23, 2 OT – 2003 Divisional Round

Easily one of the best games in franchise history…it just didn’t end up with a Rams win.

The Rams shouldn’t even have been in this game, they lost to the pitiful Lions in the last week of the regular season, which meant they got the two seed in the playoffs and had to host the Panthers.

We will spare Ram fans the gory details. It was 23-23 early in double overtime when Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme found Steve Smith breaking over the middle.

Smith broke a tackle. And that was it. A run-off 69-yard game-winner.

1. Patriots 20, Rams 17 – Super Bowl XXXVI

Sorry Ram fans, this one has to be on the list. I think what I remember the most about this game is the fact that John Madden said on the broadcast that the Patriots should be conservative at the end and settle for overtime.

Well, they didn’t.

Tom Brady led a game-winning drive and Adam Vinatieri kicked a 48-yard field goal. The Patriots Dynasty had begun.