Report: Zac Robinson Was Headed To The Chargers… Until Kellen More Became An Option

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There are multiple NFL Coaching Carousels happening right now. And former Los Angeles Rams assistant coach Zac Robinson is caught in the slipstream.

Robinson was considered the front runner to be the offensive coordinator with the Los Angeles Chargers, but the Chargers made the sudden – and surprising – move to pluck former Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and give him the job to work with Justin Herbert.

There are still multiple options open for Robinson, 36, but he now must get back on the job trail.

While there remain four open head coaching jobs in the NFL (three really, since most people think DeMeco Ryans is headed to Houston), there are approximately nine offensive coordinator jobs open.

This has become a new trend in the NFL, if a team fails in the regular season or playoffs and you don’t want to fire the head coach, throw out the OC.

Robinson has been on the Rams staff since 2019, most recently as quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator. By the way, assistant coach titles in the NFL are the most ridiculous thing since Logan Paul. One of these days we will see a coach named “third-and-two-or-less-running-game-play coordinator.” It’s just all about status and names.

What does Robinson bring to the table? And where might he find a spot in the spinning OC carousel?

The Zac Robinson File

What’s important to note when looking at Robinson’s bio is where he may have established connections with current open jobs. Remember, when looking for work, it’s always who you know, not what.

Robinson is originally from Colorado (hmm, the Broncos have some openings) and was a star quarterback at Oklahoma State. He was Dez Bryant’s quarterback in college. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the seventh round in 2010 (the Patriots don’t have an OC opening) so it’s safe to say he spent some time in the QB room with Tom Brady (the Bucs need an OC).

His NFL career wasn’t anything. He was a pre-season quarterback at best, spent some time with Seattle, and Detroit and Cincinnati (none of them need an OC).

Robinson Becomes A Ram

Robinson became a private QB coach after his NFL career, and then was a writer/blogger (you know, a cool person) doing evaluations for Pro Football Focus on quarterbacks.

When Zac Taylor left the Rams to become head coach of the Bengals, Sean McVay brought Robinson in to work with Jared Goff and then Matthew Stafford.

When the Rams won the Super Bowl, the Rams were seventh in the NFL in points and ninth in yards. Last year – well, I’d rather not talk about it – the Rams were last in yards on offense.

McVay cut loose the whole staff and is bringing in Mike LaFleur to run the offense.

Where Does Robinson Fit?

There are plenty of landing spots for Robinson, but there’s a lot of movement behind the scenes. The biggest name/fish out there is Eric Bienemy with the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s been the Chiefs OC for a while and may be looking to move on. That’s the biggest domino left to fall. If Bienemy leaves for the Ravens, then the Chiefs job is open. But that may not be decided until after Super Bowl LVII.

There are still three open head coaching spots, and who knows what can happen there. But let’s speculate.

Houston Texans: If DeMeco Ryans is the man in Houston, does he respect Robinson enough to talk to him about the OC job? Ryans is familiar with the Rams and Robinson from his days with the 49ers.

Denver Broncos: What are the Broncos doing? They’re still talking to Jim Harbaugh? Why? Robinson could fit here as the OC for the new coach. Remember he grew up in Colorado.

Arizona Cardinals: This is still wide open, but they do like a pass-first scheme which fits Robinson’s profile.

Indianapolis Colts: I thought for sure this was Harbaugh’s job to lose, but it doesn’t look like it. The Colts are a run-first team, not exactly what Robinson is known for.

But wait, there’s more, there are still other offensive coordinator jobs open.

Baltimore Ravens: Who wouldn’t want the chance to work with Lamar Jackson? Unless of course, the Ravens decide not to give him the bag full of money.

Dallas Cowboys: Someone has to replace Kellen Moore, but Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has already said he’s going to call the plays in 2023. Still, this could be a good spot for Robinson. Remember the Dez Bryant/Oklahoma State connection!

Kansas City Chiefs: Maybe? This all hinges on Bienemy, but if KC wins the Super Bowl, does Andy Reid retire and the Chiefs make Bienemy the head coach?

Tennessee Titans: Supposedly they want Bienemy if he leaves Kansas City.

Carolina Panthers: Frank Reich was just hired, and the Panthers are rebooting and desperately need a quarterback. If I’m Robinson, I am definitely giving them a call.

Tampa Bay Bucs: Ding Ding! Hmm, Robinson already knows Tom Brady, he has a pass-first mentality. This is a pretty good fit…if Brady is coming back.

Washington Commanders: They also are in the market for Bienemy, but if it shakes out a different way, Robinson could wind up there.