The Rams Did Right By Jalen Ramsey, But Probably Could’ve Gotten More

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Jalen Ramsey helped dictate his terms of trade by the Los Angeles Rams to the Miami Dolphins. Now we can understand why the Rams seemingly got so little for him. 

In an in-depth piece, clearly influenced by Ramsey’s agent David Mulugheta (more on him in a bit), SI’s Albert Breer details the Rams attempts at trading Ramsey and how they could have gotten more for the three-time All-Pro, but Ramsey would only accept a trade to a few teams and Miami was one of them. 


In return for Ramsey the Rams got a third-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, to add to the Rams 2023 draft picks, and reserve tight end Hunter Long (Lord, I hope he’s not a stiff). 

The main thrust of the article is that Ramsey only had a few places he wanted to go and that the Rams wanted to send him to a place where he was comfortable and that since he limited the teams he would go to, it drove down his value. 

So, should Ram fans be happy with this or not?

Ram Fans Should Not Be Happy 

From an on-the-field standpoint, the Rams lost a playmaker in the secondary, a marquee player, part of their Core Four. But the Breer story makes the point that the Rams are in full-scale teardown mode (although it doesn’t say that outright) and Ramsey was the most tradable star in the “Rams constellation of stars.”

First of all, that’s true. Second of all, “constellation of stars” who writes like that?

Breer says the Rams started talking to Ramsey in January about potentially moving him (look up the first Ramsey tweet hinting at a deal). Rams GM Les Snead put out some feelers and the Dolphins were interested.

It’s glossed over that the Rams may have had better offers (no one says what they were or who they were from, which means this may not be 100 percent true) for Ramsey, but by now he was interested in Miami. He liked the warm weather. He liked going back to his Florida roots – Ramsey played at Florida State and was originally with Jacksonville.

It’s clear that Ramsey would basically only accept a trade to Miami, which means that Miami got to control what it offered. According to Breer, they even asked for a pick back from the Rams (!) but the Rams said no. Imagine if the trade had been Ramsey and a sixth-round pick for the Dolphins third round pick and the back-up tight end?

Ram Fans Should Be Happy

Let’s face it, we all root for our teams and hope that they aren’t owned and operated by some tone-deaf imbecile, you know, like the Washington Commanders. We like to think that our franchise has a heart at some level.

In that respect, Rams fans should be pleased with what the Rams did to accommodate Ramsey. Because NFL players talk – more importantly NFL agents talk, and what the Rams did for Ramsey was a solid. They recognized he had value elsewhere, and that his time might be better served somewhere else. They didn’t try to hold out for a bigger deal, they prioritized Ramsey’s happiness.

To me, that matters.

Also, the Rams might feel like Jalen Ramsey’s better days are behind him. The Rams are getting a full-on makeover, and while elite cover corners aren’t easy to find, can someone tell me who the Chiefs elite cover corners are? They won the Super Bowl, remember. It’s a QB league.

Breer said the Dolphins knew Ramsey would fit in since the style of defense the Rams run is a copy of the one new Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was installing. Breer says the Dolphins watched film and saw:

“He could still cover. The ball skills, instincts, smarts and playmaking ability were still there even through some ups and downs.”

Trading Ramsey was the biggest sign that the Rams may be shifting into a rebuilding mode. We can discuss whether or not there’s merit to that at a later date.

Rams fans should also be happy though because this could be an issue of addition by subtraction. Less money for Ramsey means more money to fix other problems with the Rams, like the offensive line.

What’s this story all about?

Understand that reporters who cover the NFL and NFL player agents are linked…deeply. Agents are the source of a player’s breaking news all the time. It helps their clients bottom line, and in turn, it helps there’s.

While the Rams folks, like Snead and Coach Sean McVay come off as good guys in the story, clearly the real star is Jalen Ramsey’s agent David Mulugheta. He’s the obvious source for all of the information (texts from Snead and the Dolphins are cited, so is the fact that Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel was on a birthday trip the whole time this was going on).  

There’s also a big tell.

At one point in the story, Breer talks about how Ramsey was excited by a lot of things about Miami, including the chance to work with his friends Jevon Holland…and Christian Wilkins with the Dolphins.

Guess who the agent is for Jevon Holland and Christian Wilkins? Guess? Nice sneaky way to fit your clients in the story there.

Mulugheta also represents infamous Browns QB Deshaun Watson. Breer had some scoops on Watson’s return to the NFL, by the way. Coincidence I am sure.

Again, the overall thrust is that Ramsey wanted out and the Rams wanted to move on, so that limited the compensation they were going to get for him. That’s how the NFL sausage gets made. Good players made demands, GMs make the deals and the agents control the narrative.