Does Bringing Back Robert Woods Make Sense For The Rams?

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Robert Woods says he’s Free.

I doubt he will continue playing in the NFL for free, but the Titans released the former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver after one…um, solid…season and Woods tweeted out one word “Free!”

Then he tweeted out the question of where should he go. To which Cooper Kupp responded with the hands-up emoji, indicating Woods should come back to the Rams.

Woods will turn 31 in April. He was a star at USC and went to Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, California. In other words, he’s an LA kid.

The Rams signed him to a big deal after four years with the Bills and he had several good years working with quarterback Jared Goff and then Matthew Stafford.

Then the timeline got weird.

The Rams signed Odell Beckham Jr. on a Thursday in 2021. Woods tore his ACL the following day in practice – we talkin’ about practice! – and the Rams went on to win the Super Bowl. We never got to see Kupp, Woods and OBJ in the line-up together.

Could we see that now? Woods is a free agent, and a reunion in a Rams jersey sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The Woods File

I laugh at the “Is Robert Woods any good?” questions that linger.

When Woods was with the Bills for four years, his starting quarterbacks were: EJ Manuel, Thaddeus Lewis, Kyle Orton and Tyrod Taylor.

I love you Tyrod, but accuracy and pocket presence isn’t what you’re known for.

Woods shows up with the Rams and clicks with Goff. He had 56 grabs in 2017. He led the team in catches with 86 in 2018 (Cooper Kupp who?) then had 90 grabs in 2019 (Kupp takes over).

Woods was never a speed burner, but he was a great compliment to Kupp, and could break away if given the chance.

In 2021, he played in nine games for the Rams before getting hurt, but was on pace for another 80-90 catches. That’s quality production from any second or third wide receiver.

Woods is as good as the quarterbacks getting him the ball.

Then Why Did The Rams Let Him Go?

Torn ACLs are not good for wide receivers, obviously, but Woods game was never really about full straight on speed. The Rams signed Allen Robinson II, presumably an upgrade over Woods for the 2022 season and let Woods walk. Robinson had 33 catches in 10 games before he got hurt and his performance was well, underwhelming.

Meanwhile, Woods led the Titans in receptions with 53 for 527 yards and two touchdowns.

But again…the Titans started three different quarterbacks: Ryan Tannehill, Joshua Dobbs and Malik Willis.

Woods had signed a big deal with the Rams, (4 for $65 million) in 2022 but the Titans reworked that deal late in the season. (It was all a salary cap ghost deal anyway) and save $12 million against the cap by releasing Woods.

Woods was the Titans No. 1 wide receiver though, but that is like being the 223rd person to comment on a YouTube video from Mr. Beast. The Titans are a run-heavy team that finished 7-10 and had a historic collapse down the stretch. They aren’t known for their passing game.

Let’s Have a Reunion!

I am real curious to see just what angle the Rams are going to take this off-season. So far the biggest move has been releasing linebacker Bobby Wagner. You see that move and you think, ok, the Rams are getting ready to rebuild.

And there is still so much chatter about Jalen Ramsey and the potential of him getting traded. If the Rams trade Ramsey, I think we can safely say the Rams are starting a rebuild project.

My personal opinion is that releasing Wagner was a shrewd move, and I don’t think they should trade Ramsey either. The Rams still have a core that can compete and win in the NFL in 2023. They have the quarterback (Stafford) and the offensive weapon (Kupp) and Aaron Donald.

So then it comes down to do you think Woods is an upgrade over Robinson II? Or do you want to see the Rams throw out a three wide receiver set with Kupp, Woods and Robinson II.

I do think Woods is better than Robinson II right now, so then it comes down to what it always come down to.


How much would the Rams be willing to pay to bring Woods back? And what type of role does Woods want to have in an offense. He went to the Titans to be their No. 1 guy, and it was….solid. With the Rams, you know he’d be the No. 2 option at wide receiver. Is Woods made at the Rams for basically releasing him after he got hurt?

I think Robert Woods is free, free to talk to other NFL teams and hear what the offers are. I bet if/when the Rams call he will listen, because of their history. Sequels made in LA are sometimes excellent and sometimes bad, but this would be one worth checking out.