Where Rams Rank In NFLPA’s Team Report Card Survey

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For the first time, the NFL Players Association has released a survey regarding “the daily experience of players at the team facilities away from the lights and cameras.”

As part of the survey, the NFLPA asked 1,300 players to provide information about their current team to help other players make important career decisions and also raise the standards around the league. Per the NFLPA, “our goals were to highlight positive clubs, identify areas that could use improvement, and highlight best practices and standards.”

So with that being said, let’s take a look at where the Los Angeles Rams stood in this survey.

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Treatment of Families: D+

The Rams getting a D+ here is probably the most unfortunate grade on this list. They pride themselves on being a family-first organization that takes care of its players, but this would indicate that is not the case.

This is surely something that free agents will take note of moving forward, so hopefully the Rams as an organization can fix this.

Nutrition: D

This is a bit surprising considering how much of an emphasis the Rams put on their training staff and keeping players healthy. The 2022 season was an expectation, but the Rams are typically one of the healthier teams in the league, which is why they’ve had so much success in recent years.

It appears nutrition is something they have to work to get better with, which shouldn’t be difficult to change.

Weight Room: C

Training Room: D+

Locker Room: D

Going to group these next three together because they all fall under the same category as facilities. The Rams grading low here is not a surprise considering they have been using Cal Lutheran as their practice facility since moving back to L.A.

It is something the organization is already working to address though as Stan Kroenke bought a $175 million piece of land in Woodland Hills to build a new practice facility.

It remains to be seen when the new practice facility will be ready, but once it is, it will surely be state-of-the-art much like SoFi Stadium and the Rams will grade much, much better in these categories.

Strength Staff: A+

Training Staff: A+

As previously mentioned, the Rams put a heavy emphasis on keeping their players healthy so it’s not surprising to see them grade well in both of these categories.

Reggie Scott is known to be one of the best in the business when it comes to training staffs, and the team’s doctor Neal ElAttrache is unquestionably the best in all of sports. One example is them miraculously getting Cam Akers on the field six months after rupturing his Achilles, one of the fastest athletes to ever recover from that serious of an injury.

The Rams’ strength and training staff is something players across the league are surely mindful of, so credit to the organization for prioritizing this even though they are lacking in some other areas.