The Rams Brain Trust Isn’t At The Combine So We Dreamed Up Some Things They Might Be Doing

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Picture it, Los Angeles Rams headquarters, head coach Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead on the phone talking about the NFL Combine.

“Do you want to go to the Combine this year?” asks Snead.

“I’ve done a lot of soul searching, really gone deep into my consciousness to look inside myself to make the best decision for me and my family and my housekeeper and my guy who washes my cars and my personal trainer and my hair guy….and come to the conclusion that Indianapolis is lousy this time of year,” McVay answers. “It’s dark and gray, and besides everyone keeps hiring all these young coaches and I don’t relate to them anymore.”

“Do we even have any draft picks this year?” asked Snead.

“Yeah, we have a lot, actually,” says McVay. “How did that happen?”

Then both members of the Rams hierarchy laugh and talk about the latest Jalen Ramsey tweets about being traded.

The previous conversation is made up, of course, but once again while the NFL world descends on glamorous Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, the Rams along with a few other teams (Saints, Patriots and Chargers) are not sending representatives to watch the prospects run and jump and do interviews about watching prospects run and jump.

That got us thinking at just what could these two guys be up to? What’s better than the NFL Combine? Here goes our thoughts on the McVay/Sneak week plans.

Mandalorian Watch Party

That’s right, Pedro Pascal is back in his silver-helmet glory, totting around a tiny Yoda-like Jedi-powered creature in the latest Star Wars installment on Disney+.

The premier of the third season of the show was Wednesday, and with the late hours you know McVay and Snead keep watching film trying to figure out another way to get Cooper Kupp to go in motion before the snap and get open, they probably watched right at 3 a.m. Pacific when the show went live with snacks and friends.

Perhaps Grogu will be a new snap count signal for Matthew Stafford and company.

Darkness Retreat

Why should Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have all the fun?

Just like Rodgers, who is a free-thinking free agent — or maybe just a wacko — Snead and McVay checked themselves into a house with blackout windows and food delivered through a slot to maybe drop some ayahuasca and get in touch with the “power of my mind.”

By the way, that’s a real Rodgers quote, you can look it up.

Snead and McVay are in sensory deprivation house for a few days (Kliff Kingsbury tried to come with them, but they locked him out) with the idea of establishing new plays and a new mantra for the 2023 Rams season.

After four days, leaving and blinking their eyes in the California sun it occurs to both men the key to success next season: Don’t get the entire offensive line hurt.

Rolling Loud California

Instead of getting quiet for a few days, the Rams braintrust might be going the other way. Instead of sensory deprivation, how about sensory overload?

Rolling Loud California, a huge hip hop music festival, opens at Hollywood Park Friday through Sunday. Playboy Carti is the headliner Friday, Travis Scott on Saturday and Future on Sunday.

Seriously, that’s a hell of a show, and I bet a bunch of Rams have tickets to go. Wouldn’t you love to see Aaron Donald in a mosh pit? Wouldn’t that be like his dream come true?

McVay and Snead definitely have some connections and could get good seats right next to the stage. They won’t be able to hear anything for a few days after, but it’s just another excuse to ignore Kingsbury’s phone calls.


Yes, we saved the most obvious one for last. Snead and McVay have every reason to go on a whisky-fueled adventure (they look like whisky guys) in Las Vegas for a long weekend while the rest of the NFL suckers are in Indianapolis.

The Rams just released linebacker Bobby Wagner, Odell Beckham Jr. may want to come back, or he may not, Stafford was hurt last year, Kupp got hurt last year. The Rams finished with the worst record for a defending Super Bowl champ ever at 5-12. They lost to the Cardinals, for crying out loud (another reason Kingbury keeps calling). Baker Mayfield was the starting quarterback at the end of the year. Baker. Mayfield.

So Vegas makes a lot of sense, a chance to forget the horrors of 5-12, and besides maybe make an early reservation for February 2024, Vegas is the site of Super Bowl LVIII. And no one thinks Indianapolis is better than Vegas.