Rams Free Agent Signings 2023, Tracker

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rams free agent signings

The start of NFL free agency is here, and as usual, the Los Angeles Rams are expected to be one of the busier teams in the coming weeks. We will update this post with all of the Rams free agent signings as they happen.

This offseason might be a little different than most, however. The Rams are typically a team looking to add stars that can get them over the top, but so far this offseason, they seem to be subtracting them.

L.A. does not have a lot of cap space to work with, which is why moves need to be made to free up money for now and the future.

Here is what the team has done so far.

Jalen Ramsey traded to Miami Dolphins

And there is it. The Rams acquired Miami’s third round pick, No. 77 overall, as well as tight end Hunter Long.

Rams to release Bobby Wagner

The subtraction started when it was announced that the Rams and Bobby Wagner mutually agreed to part ways. Wagner was outstanding in his lone season for his hometown team but is looking to join a contender while the Rams were looking to save some money.

After the Wagner release though, the real bombshell came out when it was reported that the Rams are very likely to trade Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey remains one of the best cornerbacks in the league and is still just 28 years of age, but again, the Rams would save a lot of money in 2024 by trading him while also bringing back some much-needed draft capital. It still remains to be seen if the Rams will actually trade Ramsey, but if they are offered at least a first-round pick then they will likely pull the trigger.

Several other Rams gone

In addition to Wagner and Ramsey, other veterans like Leonard Floyd, Allen Robinson and Matt Gay make not be back with the Rams in 2023.

The Rams will reportedly look to trade Floyd and will cut him if they are not able to do so. Robinson won’t be cut because of the cap implications, but the Rams have given him permission to seek a trade and are said to be willing to pay down some of his contract to make it happen.

Meanwhile, Gay is officially a free agent after the Rams decided not to franchise tag him. L.A. has always been against the franchise tag and are said to have interest in extending Gay, although that may not be the best use of their limited resources in free agency considering he will likely be one of the highest-paid kickers and the team has a ton of other needs to address.

Various reports have indicated that the Rams are looking to get back to being an offensive-centric team, so look for that to be their focus in free agency. The offensive line, in particular, really struggled in 2022 and given Matthew Stafford‘s injury history, addressing that will be a priority for L.A.