A Rams Draft Wish List Following The NFL Combine

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cody mauch

For Rams fans, the NFL Combine is a chance to dream.

Boy, wouldn’t [insert player’s name] look good in on the Rams roster next year?

The NFL Combine has become a made-for-tv event in Indianapolis. It’s a product of the NFL’s incredible hype machine. The thirst for information on the NFL Draft, the rankings, the mock drafts never end.

The NFL even lets fans into Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the NFL Combine. What, exactly, are they going to see? It’s like going to watch practice. Do you bring your own stopwatch when you go?

The Rams don’t pick until No. 39 in the NFL Draft, which is April 27-29. Honestly, the biggest news for the Rams at the NFL Combine was they hired Ron Gould out of San Diego State as new running backs coach.

Rams Coach Sean McVay and GM Les Snead both opted not to attend the Combine, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t dream about seeing those players in the blue and gold. We ask the questions about the big performers from the last week.

Wouldn’t Anthony Richardson Look Good in a Rams Jersey?

The Florida quarterback became the talk of the NFL Combine running a 4.43 in the 40 and doing a vertical leap of 40-and-a-half inches. He’s an incredible athlete, who was destined to rock all the combine metrics.

The problem is….he’s not that great of a quarterback. He was plagued by inaccuracy and inconsistency when under center at Florida (last year he completed 53.8 percent of his passes, NFL quarterbacks do that in their sleep). So he’s the big test case this year about talent vs. production.

Odds on Him Being a Ram? Slim. NFL general managers (really owners) can’t help themselves. They like the shiny new toy and I bet Richardson gets picked in the top 15, even if he can’t complete an 18-yard out regularly. The truth is Richardson will look good in any team’s jersey…but can he play?

Wouldn’t Dorian Thompson-Robinson Look Good in a Rams Jersey?

The UCLA quarterback ran a 4.56 including a 1.51 for his 10-yard split. Of all the different things players are asked to do at the NFL Combine, the most important (and, to me, the most overlooked) is the 10-yard split, because NFL players need to be quick more than then need 40-yard speed.

Odds on Him Being a Ram? The Rams have a ton of draft picks on the back end and could use a new quarterback to develop. Matthew Stafford isn’t going to play forever. The Rams saw what Bryce Perkins could do in a regular season game, and it wasn’t much.

Wouldn’t Cody Mauch Look Good in a Rams Jersey?

Now we’re talking. The Rams need to fill in holes on the offensive line and at edge rusher in the draft. I may be in the minority, but I think OL is the number one priority.

Mauch is a project out of North Dakota State, who ran a 5.08 in the 40 (that’s not great, but again, how fast do you need OL to be?) His vertical jump was good (29 inches) and that indicates good athleticism. He does the bench press thing Monday.

Odds on Him Being a Ram? He must be on the Rams short list at 39. His performance at the Combine didn’t hurt.

Wouldn’t Siaki Ika Look Good in a Rams Jersey?

The Baylor defensive tackle is a name that has kept popping up in my NFL Draft research. He’s a big man, who measured 6-3, 335-pounds at the NFL Combine. We haven’t spent nearly enough time talking about the fact that Rams tackle A’Shawn Robinson is about to be an unrestricted free agent. He’s going to cost big money and the Rams may not be able to match his price. If Robinson goes, Ika would be a natural replacement.

Odds on Him Being a Ram? Ika didn’t have the greatest Combine performance. He was the second slowest DT in the 40 and didn’t do any of the jumps. Again, I think everyone sort of knows how high do you need a defensive tackle to jump, but NFL teams like prospects to play along and do the drills. If Robinson leaves the Rams and Ika is there at 39, the Rams have to consider him.

Wouldn’t Lukas Van Ness Look Good in a Rams Jersey?

The 6-foot-5, 272 pound Van Ness had a good combine. He’s an edge rusher, and the one thing I read about him is that he makes ‘splash plays’ but isn’t consistent.


Playing defense in the NFL is all about splash plays. With the way the rules are tilted toward the offenses, the only thing that stops good offenses is sacks, turnovers and penalties. Van Ness did everything at the combine and did it well. His vertical was 31 inches, his 20-yard shuttle run was 4.32, and he broad jumped 9-10. I’ll take 10 sacks a season thank you very much.

Odds on Him Being a Ram? If he’s there at 39, the Rams should take him. He would fit in to the Rams defensive philosophy.

Wouldn’t Dalton Kincaid Look Good in a Rams Jersey?

He’s a play-making tight end out of Utah, who was originally a star basketball player growing up in Las Vegas before moving over to football.

Anyone else see the Jimmy Graham comparison? Graham was a basketball star at Miami before becoming a five-time Pro Bowl tight end in the NFL with the Saints and Seahawks. He’s 6-3, 246. Kincaid did interviews with teams at the NFL Combine but did not participate in drills. More and more players do that, taking more time to prep for their own private Pro Day.

Odds on Him Being a Ram? This really is a dream, because while tight end is a need spot for the Rams, Kincaid may be one of the first ones taken.