The Rams Offered A Haul For Christian McCaffrey, Per Report

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The Los Angeles Rams are coming off their bye week, but it appears it wasn’t a bye week for Les Snead and the front office as they were involved in trade talks for Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey before he was ultimately dealt to the San Francisco 49ers.

McCaffrey was a hot commodity after it was announced that he was on the trade market. Ultimately though, it came down to two NFC West rivals battling it out for the star running back with the 49ers eventually winning out.

What San Francisco gave up to acquire McCaffrey was a lot. They traded second, third and fourth-round picks in 2023 and a fifth-round pick in 2024. Neither the 49ers or Rams have a first-rounder in 2023 so they both had to get creative with a bevy of Day 2 picks to make a deal happen.

What Rams Offered

Here is what the Rams were willing to offer before coming up short in trade talks:

My first reaction when seeing this is that even though the Rams have arguably the worst running back group in the league, especially now with Cam Akers on the outs, this would have been an insane haul for McCaffrey.

Sure, McCaffrey is a great running back that would have fit well in the Rams’ offense due to his pass-catching ability.

But the Rams have a ton of needs right now such as offensive line and pass rush that are far more pressing than running back. If you don’t have an offensive line that is capable of opening up holes, then having a star running back means nothing. And that’s not even mentioning McCaffrey’s injury history, which is extensive and would probably only get even bigger if he was forced to run behind the Rams’ banged up offensive line.

Rams Can Take Offer & Make Another Move

Part of the benefit of not giving up four picks and Akers for McCaffrey is that the Rams still have those assets to address their other needs before the Nov. 1 trade deadline.

The Rams can now take that similar package and offer it for Bradley Chubb and Jerry Jeudy, or Robert Quinn, or an offensive lineman that becomes available, etc.

If the Rams would have traded all of those picks for McCaffrey then their roster would be just about set for the rest of the season and their current issues would still be ongoing.

The cherry on top of it all is that the Rams being involved in the McCaffrey sweepstakes drove up the price for their division rivals. Now that the 49ers gave up all of the picks that the Rams didn’t, they are hamstrung from making further moves.

It certainly won’t feel this way when the Rams play the 49ers next weekend and McCaffrey probably runs for 150 yards, but in my opinion, getting outbid for the running back was a blessing in disguise for L.A.

What moves the Rams make at the deadline, if any, remains to be seen. Snead has proven he can get creative at the deadline before though and is loaded with assets to do so again if he wants.