The Rams Sold Their Soul For A Super Bowl. Can Any Amount Of Future Losing Outweigh The Joy?

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bryce perkins

The 2021 Los Angeles Rams had a magical season. After completing a blockbuster trade for Matthew Stafford as well as going “all in” with other acquisitions like Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr., the Rams rode the wave all the way to their first Super Bowl victory in two decades.

It was a fun ride for Rams fans that ended with a celebration at SoFi Stadium after a close win over the Cincinnati Bengals. And this past offseason, all the Rams could talk about was “running it back” and repeating as Super Bowl champions.

The 2022 season has played out much differently for L.A., however, as they suffered their fifth straight defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 12 to fall to 3-8. Any talks about defending their Super Bowl title are dead, and the month of December isn’t even here yet.

Perhaps the worst part about this season for the Rams is that even though the losses are mounting up, L.A. won’t have much to show for it in April as their first-round pick is going to the Detroit Lions as a part of the Stafford trade.

So with the Rams continuing to struggle and the future looking bleak, it begs the question…

How Many Years Of Sucking Is It Worth To A Super Bowl?

I don’t know the exact answer to this, but one thing I can say for sure is that it’s worth more than one year.

The phrase “banners fly forever” is something that Rams fans should continue muttering to themselves for the rest of the season. Another phrase they should continue telling themselves is “at least we won one” because imagine how much of a disaster this season would be if the Rams hadn’t won it all last year?

The truth is that winning a Super Bowl is extremely hard and it takes a lot of things to go right for it to happen. There are dozens of fanbases out there that have NEVER seen their team win a Super Bowl.

For that reason, I could live with years of mediocrity having witnessed the Rams win it all. I also appreciate Sean McVay and Les Snead recognizing that the team’s window of contention was now and doing everything they could to maximize that window, even if it hinders their future.

And I know Rams fans don’t want to hear this right now, but just as quickly as the Rams went from contenders to celler-dwellers, they can flip back in the other direction.

Just look at teams like the New York Giants, New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Commanders and Atlanta Falcons.

All of them were among the worst teams in the league last season and no one was projecting any of them to make the playoffs in 2022. But here we are 12 weeks in, and all of those teams either occupy a playoff spot or are in the mix for one.

The NFL season is only 17 games, it’s not like baseball or basketball where the best teams eventually prevail after dozens of games. If a few things go your way and you get some injury luck, then a 3-8 team like the Rams could be 6-5 and in the mix.

Injuries playing a role

Last night when watching the Philadelphia Eagles move to 10-1 on the season, the announcers made a comment about them having the same offensive line for 10 of their 11 games this season. That is the type of injury luck you need to win a Super Bowl. That is the injury luck the Rams got last season that they lacked this season, especially on the offensive line when they have had a different starting group every single week.

So even though this season has been a disaster for L.A., it’s hard to argue that the joy of winning the Super Bowl was not worth it. And even though it looks bleak for the Rams moving forward, they still have all of their draft picks moving forward outside of this year’s first-rounder and they also have a veteran core to build around with Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey.

With that being said, maybe this core has one last run in them with better health in 2023. Or, maybe the Rams flip the other way and trade some of their stars to accumulate assets to speed up their rebuild. Either way, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and even if the losses are difficult to deal with in the meantime, just remember: banners fly forever.