Our Way, Way Too Early Rams 2023 Predictions

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rams 2023 predictions

For the Los Angeles Rams it’s time to turn the page to 2023.

It’s true we don’t know much about what the Rams will look like next season. We know Sean McVay will come back as head coach. But there are a lot of roster holes to fill.

We do know the Rams opponents in 2023 and we have a sense of what those teams are going to look like and how the Rams match up with them.

My prediction about these predictions is a couple will be correct, some will be close and a few way off the mark. The issue with projections and predictions is you never know what type of injuries will strike an NFL team. I had the Rams making the playoffs in 2022, had I known the entire offensive line was going to get hurt, I don’t think I would have said that.

It’s never too early to think/guess what the Rams will look like in 2023, and here’s my early shot.

Rams 2023 Offseason Predictions

Quarterbacks Everywhere: Baker Mayfield finds the market for his services to be rather thin and ends up re-signing with the Rams to serve as back-up quarterback for Matt Stafford. Really, I think the only good spot for Mayfield is Houston, but they’re a year away from being a year away, so he may prefer sunny LA.

Draft Is A Snooze: The Rams boringly, but smartly, go big in the NFL Draft picking up offensive linemen to shore up that spot.

Let’s Run It Back: All the Aaron Donald retirement stuff and Jalen Ramsey trade stuff is a work, not a shoot. They’ll all be back with the Rams in 2023.

The Rams 2023 Season

It’s still a 17-game regular season, and by now you should know the drill.

The Rams face each of their three divisional opponents twice, home and away. That’s Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona.

In 2023 they will also host Philadelphia, Washington, New Orleans, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. They will travel to face Dallas, the New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts.

Now let’s break down each of these opponents and predict whether the Rams will beat them.

Seattle Seahawks

What will the Seahawks be in 2023? They have a lot of questions heading into the off-season, most notably what to do with QB Geno Smith. My prediction is he signs a short-term deal to stay in Seattle and the Seahawks still crow about getting rid of Russell Wilson.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? Yes, at least once. Both games were close last year, and if the Rams are healthy, they’re better than Seattle.

San Francisco 49ers

What will the 49ers be in 2023? Hey, they might be defending Super Bowl champs. The Niners are that good and have owned the Rams recently.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? Unlikely, unless the Niners totally mess up the quarterback situation and the whole thing turns messy.

Arizona Cardinals

What will the Cardinals be in 2023? They’ll have a new coach, who? We don’t know yet. If they had any sense, they’d bring back Steve Wilks. Kyler Murray will run around a lot, but the Cardinals desperately need a reboot.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? I’ll put it this way, they should be favored to beat the Cardinals both at home and on the road next year. So yes.

Philadelphia Eagles

What will the Eagles be in 2023? They could also be Super Bowl champ. The Eagles are that good. Jalen Hurts is like a Lamar Jackson who can also throw the ball with accuracy.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? I doubt it.

Washington Commanders

What will the Commanders be in 2023? They still need a real quarterback. Could they get in the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes? The Commanders defense is actually pretty good and brings a lot back.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? At home, at the moment, you’d say the Rams are better.

New Orleans Saints

What will the Saints be in 2023? The Saints are another franchise who needs a quarterback to turn them around. The first year for Coach Dennis Allen wasn’t really inspiring.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? I think the game this year where I knew the Rams were done was the loss to the Saints, but when healthy the Rams are better.

Cleveland Browns

What will the Browns be in 2023? Did anyone else notice that Deshaun Watson was terrible when he came back? But the Browns are married to him long-term.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? Yes. This could be the easiest game on the Rams schedule.

Pittsburgh Steelers

What will the Steelers be in 2023? Tough. The Steelers were surging at the end of the season and they have found their quarterback in Kenny Pickett.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? At home, the Rams should be favored. I think it depends on when this game is. If its earlier in the season I like the Rams, later in the year, maybe not.

Dallas Cowboys

What will the Cowboys be in 2023? Different, right? They must be different. I’m still not sold that Mike McCarthy is the Cowboys coach in 2023, and I may be in the minority, but I thought Dak Prescott didn’t play that bad in the Niners game.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? I can’t see it. The Rams couldn’t beat the Cowboys this year.

New York Giants

What will the Giants be in 2023? Will they regress, or is Daniel Jones the real deal at quarterback? I think teams always surge a bit with a new coach, but year two can be harder. I think the Giants take a step back next year.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? Yes. The Rams can exploit the Giants weak spots in the secondary.

Green Bay Packers

What will the Packers be in 2023? The better question of where will Aaron Rodgers be in 2023. I think he leaves Green Bay. It’s time.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? Yes. When Rodgers goes, this becomes Jordan Love’s team and the Packers will struggle.

Baltimore Ravens

What will the Ravens be in 2023? They will go back and forth for a while, but Lamar Jackson will end up staying in Baltimore, but he must stay healthy for the Ravens to be a contender.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? I think they can.

Cincinnati Bengals

What will the Bengals be in 2023? Tough, really, really tough. Joe Burrow isn’t messing around. If the Bengals could ever just find two more decent offensive linemen, they might be unstoppable.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? It’s a Super Bowl LVI rematch, that will be the storyline. The Bengals will get revenge.

Indianapolis Colts

What will the Colts be in 2023? Starting over. The Colts need a new quarterback and a new head coach, but they still have star running back Jonathan Taylor.

Will the Rams beat them in 2023? In my book, they would be favored to win, so yes.

The Final Prediction

So in the 17 games, I have the Rams winning nine games, losing six and two (Ravens and Steelers) I can’t yet call. I stand by all my predictions until it’s time to make more.