Meet The Dodgers And Angels All-Stars Who Will Play In Front Of Home Fans Tuesday

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Los Angeles-area baseball fans and bettors, there is something for everybody in the MLB All-Star game Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.

DraftKings and other major sportsbooks will compile props on the game and the highly-anticipated Home Run Derby once all the participants are determined.

But there’s one more thing for LA residents to love: they are well represented by Dodgers and Angels.

Six players: Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani from the Angels, along with Clayton Kershaw, Tony Gonsolin, Mookie Betts and Trea Turner from the Dodgers, add a rich perspective to the midsummer classic.

Trout, Ohtani, Betts and Turner have all been listed as starters for the game.

Johnny Avello, the director of race and sportsbook operations, told that Dodger Stadium may end up being a neutral factor in the Home Run Derby, despite being known as a pitcher’s park. He also expects significant betting action on the game.

“We will write a fair amount of business for this game,” he said. “It won’t be what a big-time baseball game is, but it will probably be equal to the biggest game on any particular night.

“Once we find out who is in the Derby, we will be getting props up for that.”

Johnny Avello, Draftkings

Avello is aware that many California people can’t wager legally but have access to nearby states in which they can bet, like Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

However it plays out, Dodgers and Angels players will figure prominently in the spotlight.

Some of their production this season has surprised the fans.  Let’s take a look.

Angels All-Stars

Oh-Tani. Oh My.

Yes, the famous catchphrase proclaimed by one-time Angels broadcaster Dick Enberg applies.

Ohtani continues to be MBL’s most intriguing player since Babe Ruth.

Like the Bambino of 100 years ago, Ohtani is both a hitting and pitching specialist.

He won the American League MVP last year with 46 homers, 100 RBI and 26 stolen bases.

This year…what a PITCHER.

In mid-July, he was 9-4 with a sterling ERA of 2.38 and a microscopic WHIP of 0.99. He also had 123 strikeouts.

Ohtani can go from 100 RBI one season into 200 hurling strikeouts the next.

The Angels are having a frustrating season, but he is a deserved All-Star.

Trout: Power Number Up

The Angels superstar has slipped a notch this year but still entered mid-July with 24 homers, challenging his all-time mark of 45 in 2019. His 51 RBI were pretty good.

But his .270 batting average, if maintained, would be his lowest ever as a full-time player.

Trout’s numbers are good enough to contribute to the Angels. They made the right move in securing his service long-term but just have not been able to put the pieces around him.

Wisely, Trout has paid attention to the calf injury that shelved him last year. He stole 30 bases in the past. It was one entering mid-July. That’s fine with the Angels. They need his power.

Dodgers All-Stars

The  Dodgers have bred elite pitchers by osmosis for decades: Sandy Koufax,  Don Drysdale, Don Sutton, Fernando  Valenzuela,  Orel Hershiser, Clayton Kershaw, and now….Tony Gonsolin.

How do they do it?

Gonsolin had never won more than four games in a season before 2022, although he displayed promise with a low WHIP. This year he started 11-0 with an 0.84 WHIP and a 2.02 ERA. He is having a magical season, even Cy Young level.

There’s nobody more fitting to pitch in  Dodger stadium than he.

And what a remarkable breakout campaign. This is a guy the Dodgers had waiting in the wings since 2019.

Well, this is the year he flies.

Kershaw: One for the Ages

Dodger fans treasure this prized lefty, who has been with them since 2008. He had a 1.01 WHIP in mid-July. Kershaw hasn’t had a WHIP above 1 .04 in the period from 2011-now.  That’s an astounding mark of control.

One of the all-time greats and a near-certain Hall of Famer. Every chance to watch him pitch is an enjoyment of the art. He will go over 200 wins – all as a Dodger – late this year or early in 2023.

What a year to love Dodger baseball.

You Better You Betts: Mookie Remains Solid

Betts has been solid for the Dodgers. He reached 20 homers by mid-July for the leadoff slot, which is exceptional.  Betts is on pace to surpass his career-high 32 in 2019.

He’s cooled off in the MVP race, plunging from frontrunner to fourth in many places behind Paul Goldschmidt, Manny Machado and Pete Alonso, all big homer and RBI men.

Betts nonetheless has been quality.

Turner Flourishes in Dodger Blue

Talk about delivering as advertised. The Dodgers were smart to pluck him from the Washington Nationals last season.

Turner’s 65 RBI makes him a cinch to shatter his career-high of 77 set last year when he was a National and a Dodger.

That’s real good production from a cleanup hitter. Only….he hits in the two hole. That’s what happens when the bottom of the order creates ducks on the pond. That’s what happens when you can bat a Cody Bellinger eighth. Eighth.

Turner reached July 14 with as many RBI as the Yankees’ Aaron Judge. He was only two of the National League lead held by Goldschmidt and C.J. Cron of the Colorado Rockies.

No wonder he’s an All-Star.

Turner’s batting average last year was .328. It was .335 the year before. It was .305 just before the break.

One can surmise a French translation for Turner: Trea Bien. That’s a little satire on “tres bien” which means very good or excellent. This year, that means Turner.