Let’s Recap ALL Of The Dudes The Rams Lost Last Week

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greg gaines

We didn’t expect the Los Angeles Rams to be that active in free agency, but maybe not like this.

The Rams have now lost four of their five leading tacklers from last season. They’ve lost (or traded away) at least four starters from the 2022 team. They lost a quarterback, their kicker, a long snapper, and a defensive lineman who was clutch in the Super Bowl.

They did resign offensive lineman Coleman Shelton to a two-year deal. Shelton started 13 games last season, eight at center, because, you know, the entire offensive line got hurt, but he’s hardly a headliner.

Is this a good strategy? Again, the Rams were 5-12 last season, so why bring a bunch of players back? But still it hurts a team’s mojo to see so many guys leave.

The Rams roster will look a lot different in 2023. Right now, they have a lot of holes.

Don’t Panic, Still Plenty of Time

Honestly, this is a smart way to approach free agency. When was the last time a team won a Super Bowl and all everyone could talk about was how aggressive they were in free agency and how the signing of (name a player) put them over the top?

The only common ingredient for a Super Bowl winner these days is a star quarterback. The Rams have one. We hope. We believe.

And now that most of the big names are gone, smart GMs can find good players at a good value. Expect the Rams to at least make some noise this week around some guys. We listed some guys last week on defense who make sense for the Rams. Poona Ford, a defensive tackle from Seattle is still available. He probably becomes a Rams target if they lose A’Shawn Robinson.

Colts edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue is still around, so is Bills running back Devin Singletary.

All three of those players made sense for the Rams. And the longer they stay available, the lower their price becomes.

Settling The Rams House

The next thing that has to be decided is what to do about the Rams current free agents. There are still a bunch. The one to keep an eye on is defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson. He’s set to visit the New York Giants today.

I may be in the minority, but I think losing Robinson would be a big loss to the Rams. When healthy (you have to say this about almost every Rams starter), he’s a run stuffer and a great partner with Aaron Donald on the defensive line. He’s the one Ram free agent I thought they’d throw some money at to keep.

The other Ram who looks like he’s out the door is defensive back Taylor Rapp. ESPN.com said he was talking to the Patriots and also was linked to the Bengals. When free agency started, the Rams had too many defensive backs, now it’s getting kind of thin. But the Rams can afford to lose Rapp.

And yes, Odell Beckham Jr. is still out there. He is still technically a Ram. When the Cowboys signed Brandin Cooks (former Ram) over the weekend, that took away a big possibility for OBJ, so are the Rams kinda/maybe still alive? We’re saying there’s a chance.

Grading the Goodbyes

These are the players the Rams have watched walk out the door the first week of free agency. Bobby Wagner is still out there. I wonder if the tape on him shows he’s slowed down a bit. He may have to sign a smaller deal.

Jalen Ramsey to Miami

Grade: B-

This was the biggest thing to happen so far this off-season, the Rams trading away a cornerstone star to the Dolphins for a third-round pick and a seldom-used tight end named Hunter Long. Of course, I wish the Rams had gotten more for Ramsey, but lately the trend in the NFL is trades always seem to work out for the team trading the player away (see, Wilson, Russell). I’m not ready to dump all over this trade because I’m not sure Ramsey is the star he once was.

Baker Mayfield to Tampa

Grade: C

Well, this ends any thought of Baker-mania returning to LA. I told you not to buy any of his jerseys. Mayfield went 2-3 with the Rams. We’ll always have the comeback against Las Vegas, but with the Bucs Mayfield has a shot to be the starter. Good luck with that.

Matt Gay to Indianapolis

Grade: D

Yes, I think this one hurts the most out of anything. Gay was a Pro Bowl kicker, a hero of the playoff run in 2021, and good kickers like this just don’t grow on trees.

Greg Gaines to Bucs

Grade: C

When I rewatched Super Bowl LVI I was reminded how critical Gaines was on that final Bengals drive. He – along with Aaron Donald – made the stop on the third down before the Bengals last play. Gaines made 12 starts last year. He was a rotational player (code for not good enough to play every down) but the Rams will miss him.

Matthew Orzech to Packers

Grade: B

What is it with the Packers and taking everyone on the Rams special teams? Orzech was the Rams long snapper last year. It’s a thankless job and these guys all move around. The Rams can easily replace him.

Nick Scott to Bengals

Grade: C

I liked Scott, he played a lot last year making 16 starts and had two picks and two forced fumbles. He was fifth on the team in tackles after being a seventh-round pick in 2019. It stinks to see a player that the Rams developed go somewhere else.