Lakers Stars (And Russ) Had A Phone Call To Confirm Commitment To Each Other. We Took A Stab At What Was Said

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Who calls anyone on the phone anymore? With Slack, Microsoft Teams and a bunch of other fly-by-night communication apps, making a phone call to anyone, even your teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers seems like a farfetched idea.

Besides, that’s what group chats are for.

However, Yahoo Sports reporter Chris Haynes declared that Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis spoke on the phone together during the Vegas Summer League and vowed to strive for a championship together.

First of all, what kind of ringtone do you think LeBron has? Or Davis? How do you think that phone call really went? Who would call who first? I mean, LeBron is busier than the other two, right? So it stands to reason the other guys would call him, right?

I have to believe you would have to think that LeBron would be like the Dad, telling the other two to focus in and get their minds right for the season. Westbrook would be only interested in himself, and Davis would be out in La-La Land somewhere.

Here’s how it must have gone.

(Theme from Drew Carey Show plays)

LeBron, Russ, AD *Fake* phone conversation

LeBron James answers the phone: Hey, what’s happening guys?

Westbrook: Hey my man, what’s going on with you? AD, AD, are you there?

(I am a God plays)

Anthony Davis answers: Hey guys, what’s up? How is everyone? LB, how is Savannah [LeBron’s wife]?

LeBron: She’s good. Bronny has been tearing stuff up over the summer. He’s gotten so big, but I still school him on our court. He’s getting there though.

Westbrook: Nice, nice. I’ve been working on my shot this summer; going to extend my range out….Curry style! (laughs).

Davis: You guys been watching this ‘Winning Time’ show on HBO Max Whatever. Guys, I tell you, that Magic, he was a dawg, man.

Westbrook: Magic knew how to make some money, man.

LeBron: Yeah, there’s been a lot of stuff going on in the papers and everything else. All that stuff is corn, you guys know what’s up, we have to get our heads right and be ready for this year. We’re going to win it all.

Westbrook: I feel you. That’s why I am working so hard all summer. I look good. I feel good. I don’t care what’s on Twitter no more, except for that Bayless guy, why does he talk about me so much?

LeBron: Can’t relate.

Davis: So like it’s like 1965 or something and the Lakers have this new owner, Dr. Buss, who is like a real doctor. He buys the team even though he doesn’t have any money.

LeBron: Russ, you want to get together and work out sometime? I’m not that far away from your place, or you could come here, we could do some two-on-two stuff with Bronny.

Westbrook: Bronny can’t guard me man! (laughing) Let me check my calendar, but that feels good.

Davis: Jerry West is the Logo and like this superstar player, but he hates playing or coaching or I think he just hates everything. So then the Lakers hire this coach who then gets in a bike accident and there’s blood everywhere.

LeBron: I am going to come out and watch some of our guys in the Summer League, just to show some support, you feel me?

Westbrook: I’ll be there. Hey, hey, I have an idea. You sit at one end of the floor. I sit at the other and we will ignore each other, that will give the media something to talk about.

Davis: Jeanie Buss is there and they got her working on the Laker girls as an intern or something. And Kareem is totally wack. He keeps praying and not smiling.

LeBron: Russ, you know, we can do this together. Me, you and AD, we can win this league. I don’t have that many years left. All I want to do is win.

Westbrook: I got you man, I got you. Just put the ball in my hands and let me do my thing. I was with Coach Ham the other day and he’s talking about defense and just letting me go off. I know it’s going to be great.

LeBron: Yeah, defense –

Davis: (cuts him off) So then the Lakers go out to play Boston and they have that Larry Bird dude and everyone is scared of him, but the Lakers win.

Westbrook: That’s right, Lakers win. That’s what it’s all about. Oh, hey, guys, I gotta go. First Take is about start. I think Perk is coming on next.

LeBron: So yeah, defense….guys?

Davis: I’m here King, I’m here. You have to watch this show.

LeBron: I’ll check it out. AD, you want to come by and workout together?

Davis: Man, I haven’t shot a ball in two months.

LeBron: Cool. Talk at you later.