Rams, Yams, & All The Things LA Football Fans Have To Be Thankful For

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justin herbert

Heading into Thanksgiving this is not where fans of the Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargers expected to be.

At 3-7, the Rams are in turmoil, losers of four straight and experiencing a serious Super Bowl hangover season heading into a game Sunday against the 8-2 Kansas City Chiefs.


The Chargers have been beset by injury (what else is new?) and are 5-5 on the outside of the playoff picture right now, but still have a fighting chance to get back in the race.

Thanksgiving is synonymous with football, food, fighting with your uncle over his whacked-out politics and, of course, giving thanks.

Before arguing with your uncle, we at MyLASports.com want to remind you of all the football things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

Justin Herbert

You watch the current LA Chargers quarterback and you’re like “this kid is going to win, big.” With his hair sticking out of his helmet, electric arm strength and size, Herbert has champion written all over him. It’s just a matter of time….and until the Chargers build a defense that can stop the run.

Aaron Donald

The Rams defensive lineman hasn’t put up the numbers we would have expected this season, but there’s still no one in the game like him. His quickness and strength set him apart in a league full of incredible athletes.

Fourth And Inches

Is there anything better during a football game when the screen pops up and reads “fourth and inches.” It’s a football code for here comes a play where it’s man on man, tough on tough. The best thing is how no one says its “fourth and a short one” or “fourth and less than one.” It’s fourth and inches. Take me on.

The 2 Minute Drill

The final two minutes of each half in an NFL game usually see the quarterbacks start firing passes down the field. The playbook is limited because the teams don’t huddle as much, but does it matter? No. Apologies to the Kentucky Derby, but the last two minutes of an NFL game are the most exciting in sports.

Super Bowl Rings

Somewhere along the way, Super Bowl rings have gone from normal-sized trophies to 17-pound, 4,000 diamond behemoths. Pretty soon the next ones will have tiny 3-D projection screens that you can touch a button and the video highlights from the season will play. Super Bowl rings have become gaudy and so what? Champs get to do what they want.

Players Saying Their Schools

It used to be an old football broadcast trope, they’d list the starting line-up and what college they attended. Nowadays, that doesn’t matter. Thanks to the transfer portal NFL players usually attend more than one college, much less than one high school. So on Sunday Night when the players announce their schools on video, it’s must-watch. Do they play it straight with an actual college, do they shout out their high school, or just go completely off script?

Out With A Knee

There’s language involving a football game that doesn’t make sense unless you’re in on the code. When the sideline reporter says that a Rams offensive lineman is “out with a knee” (sorry Rams), football fans recognize the shorthand right away. No, the player isn’t out with a knee, he was born with two knees. But the code is the player is out with a knee injury. It’s not grammatically correct in any way, but who cares? We all get it.

The Medical Tent

Wouldn’t it be nice if alongside of you every single day there was a medical team and a blue pop-up medical tent that could take care of you if you suddenly rolled an ankle or tweaked your back? Like, all of the sudden, you patted your head and walked (slowly) into the medical tent where you got examined, maybe some medicine and popped back out for the day. In all honesty, though, the medical tent on the NFL sidelines reminds us that our heroes are human too. They get hurt. When they come back out, it reminds us of their courage.

Color Rush Jerseys

I admit it, I am a total uniform geek. I have a separate closet full of football, baseball and hockey jerseys. The NFL has done a great job of fleecing (I mean, entertaining) guys like me with the color rush alternate jersey program. Do the Bengals really look good in all-white? Not really. Should the Lions really wear all silver? Heavens no. But the players like them, the NFL likes the merchandise and it’s cool.

Referee Biceps

Admit it, whenever an NFL referee makes a call on the field and gets his 12 seconds of airtime, you’re checking him out to see if he lifts. Maybe he cuts off his sleeve a little to show that he’s pumped.

Making A Football Move

There are so many rules in the NFL that seem arbitrary. It’s a catch…unless it isn’t. It’s pass interference if the defensive back runs into a wide receiver unless he turns his head back for the ball….unless it isn’t. You can sack the quarterback, but you have to lightly stroke his helmet as he’s going down because we don’t want him to get hurt.

But of all of these, my favorite is the whole catch-and-fumble thing that happens. Players only have been deemed to have possession after a catch if they have “made a football move” with the ball. Of course, what is a football move? A step? Two steps? Bracing for contact? Tucking the ball away? Singing the alma mater?

But you know when you watch the replay you can see it and know what they mean. A football move is something unique to the game.

Now move over at the table, tell your uncle you think he’s the best and enjoy Thanksgiving football fans. There’s a lot to be thankful for.