Jalen Ramsey Trade Rumors, An Article We Should Not Be Writing

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You must think that by now, NFL players know everything they tweet out is being saved and screen shotted. There are no deletes.

LA Rams star defensive back (don’t call him a safety) Jalen Ramsey stirred up speculation last week with a few comments on social media indicating that his time in a blue-and-gold Rams jersey may be over.

On Jan. 13 (he deleted some tweets, but remember, screen shots stay forever) Ramsey tweeted that “it is it what it is” and that he went out with a BANG.

(Interpretation – I’m outta here Los Angeles, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya).

The on Jan. 20 Ramsey criticized “Twitter GMs” for talking about trades, but said he was the ‘best corner to walk into two organizations and that’s a fact.’

(Interpretation – Inconclusive).

Later he talked about how people should live in reality and “I’m not the enemy. I love you all.”

(Interpretation – Who thinks Jalen Ramsey is the enemy?)

He spent time on Twitter congratulating the Jacksonville Jaguars, his old team, after its win on Super Wild Card Sunday, and shouting out to former Florida State teammate (and now current LA Charger) Derwin James.

Ramsey signed a five-year, $100 million deal with the Rams that runs through 2025. The Rams traded two No. 1 picks for him to the Jaguars back in 2019.

Ramsey is a rare talent in the NFL, a combo defensive back, who has been All-Pro three times. He tied a career high in 2022 with four picks, but if you watched the Rams this season, for the first time it seemed like Ramsey got burned more often then not.

So what to do with Jalen Ramsey and the Rams? Is this all a bunch of social media chatter? Or is there a legitimate case for moving on?

Let’s interpret.

Does Jalen Ramsey Want Out?

I think what Ramsey wants is to be in the playoffs with the Rams. It was a disappointing season all the way around for Los Angeles in 2022, and it must stink looking at the Rams NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers get back to the NFC Championship Game.

Remember, the Rams went 5-12. They weren’t good. Ramsey is a cocky, fiery competitor. He talks a lot. That’s good. That’s what you want from a team leader.

Yes, Ramsey is due a lot of money and people are like, what about the cap hit? Here’s the truth. If the Rams want Jalen Ramsey, they’ll find a way to keep him under the salary cap. You just convert some of his guaranteed money into a signing bonus, so he doesn’t count that much in base salary. Fans have the wrong idea about the salary cap. Good GMs know it’s a guideline, not locked in stone.

There’s no reason for the Rams to move on from Ramsey at this point. He’s still a top defensive back in the NFL. But, everyone in the NFL is tradeable. The Rams would have to at least listen, right?

What Could The Rams Get For Ramsey?

In 2019, Jacksonville got two No. 1 picks and a fourth rounder for Ramsey. The trade has been a disaster for Jacksonville. Their first first round pick K’Lavon Chaisson has been a flop (three sacks in 40 games). Their second first round pick running back Travis Etienne missed all last year, but he looked like the Goods in 2022, with 1125 yards. The fourth-round pick Jordan Smith missed all season with a knee injury.

Meanwhile, Ramsey has a Super Bowl ring with the Rams.

The truth is, the Rams probably overpaid for Ramsey, but hey, they got a Super Bowl.

The closest comparison to Ramsey might be when the Jets traded Darrelle Revis to the Bucs. Revis was 27-years-old and the Jets got a first-rounder and a fourth rounder for him.

This past off-season the Saints traded standout safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson to the Eagles for a fifth and sixth-round pick. Gardner-Johnson isn’t Ramsey, but that’s the market for a secondary starter right now.

Ramsey is coming off his worst professional season, but there should be a market for him. Maybe a second-round pick? The Rams won’t recoup another first-rounder for a 28-year-old defensive back coming off a disappointing season. There’s no way.

What’s Next For Jalen Ramsey

To me this all sounds like typical off-season posturing. Ramsey is probably content with his contract (you never know though, one way NFL teams make players happy is with more $$$), but just disappointed in what happened with the Rams this season. I think he was congratulating the Jaguars because, you know, that’s where he played and still has friends and fans there.

The idea of the Rams trading Ramsey is ludicrous. He’s still an important part of the defense. His ability to cover a wide part of the field and cover big wide receivers one-on-one is unique. We talk a lot about Aaron Donald being an NFL unicorn with his quick feet and ability to power through offensive linemen, but Ramsey is almost even rarer with his ball skills. It’s a passing league and being able to rush the passer (Donald) and get turnovers (Ramsey) are gamechangers.

Ramsey just must realize that every tweet he posts is going to be examined and interpreted.