10 Of The Most Famous Los Angeles Rams Fans

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kevin hart

Since they were first in Los Angeles, the Rams have had a strong connection to Hollywood and celebrity fans. World-famous comedian Bob Hope was a minority owner of the Rams back in the 1950s. The greatest Ram of all, Merlin Olsen, transitioned from a football career to become a bonafide TV star in the 1980s. But who are some famous Los Angeles Rams fans you’ll recognize?

The Rams have always been one of the glamorous franchises of the NFL (Sorry, Chargers). The match of Hollywood star power and Rams football star power fits like California and sunshine.

Here are 10 of the biggest celebrity Ram fans that make the paparazzi pop.

Ty Burrell

Burrell was the Rams celebrity rep at the 2014 NFL Draft. He said on the Rich Eisen show that he grew up in Oregon, but had family in LA who would send him Rams attire.

He was hooked.

Burrell was a fan of the franchise when it played in St. Louis, but when they moved back to LA it was perfect for him. Burrell won two Emmy’s for his work on Modern Family and is also an acclaimed Broadway actor.

Bryan Cranston

I know everyone thinks of Cranston now and thinks of Walter White and Breaking Bad, but to me he’ll always be the dentist on Seinfeld and then Hal the Dad on Malcolm in the Middle. Lord, he was funny.

Cranston was born in Hollywood and has been loyal to the Rams since he was a child. He told NFL Network’s Good Morning Football that he grew up watching the Rams and was crushed when they moved to St. Louis.

Now, the four-time Emmy Award winner, is back in Rams blue and gold and happy about it.

Terry Crews

The buff and hilarious star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and those Old Spice commercials is the only one on this list who actually played for the Rams. He was an 11th round pick by the Rams back in 1991 out of Western Michigan.

His NFL career? So-so. He played for three different teams over six years, making three career tackles. He always had an eye on acting, and now is a beloved Hollywood star, who is loyal to the team that gave him his first NFL shot.

Daniel Dae Kim

So now we go into the weeds of NFL fandom and celebrities, Dae Kim, who acted in Lost and Hawaii Five-O, was born in South Korea before attending Haveford and New York University.

He seems like he might have been a bandwagon Ram fan back in 2018 when the Rams made the Super Bowl, but we give him props for his tweet saying he was watching the Rams while out in South Korea. That’s dedication.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers were the headline act for the Rams first game back in Los Angeles in 2016, and Flea went all out wearing a No. 3 jersey. He told reporters before the performance that he was always a Ram fan and was thrilled they were back in Los Angeles where they belonged.

He’s the only person on this list with a football play named for him…the long bomb/flea flicker.

Kevin Hart

Better known as a Cowboys fan and reader of HowBoutThem.com Hart went through a tryout with the Rams at training camp in 2017.

He didn’t stick.

The world-famous comedian and actor has kept close ties to the Rams, and we won’t quibble with who he roots for when the Cowboys and Rams meet.

Magic Johnson

The Lakers superstar and business man was the first official person to put down deposits for season tickets when the Rams returned to LA.

Might call it another assist for Johnson? Huh?

Never one to shy away from a big crowd, Johnson who, remember grew up in Michigan, has been a devoted follower of the Rams since the team returned.

How about the Lakers superstar now? LeBron James has showed face at some Rams games, but we all know he’s a Cowboys man through and through.

Taran Killam

Born in Culver City, Killam got his Rams card at a young age, although he did admit on the Rich Eisen show to backing the Raiders when they were in LA for a brief period. I mean, they did have Bo Jackson, so we can let it slide.

The former Saturday Night Live and MadTV star embraced the Rams when football came back to Los Angeles and was called the Rams biggest celebrity fan in 2018.

Danny Trejo

The craggy-faced Trejo is the biggest Rams fan on this list. I think if we didn’t say that he’d beat me up. Trejo grew up in Echo Park in Los Angeles and used to sneak into the Coliseum to watch the Rams play in the 50s.

Now Trejo is a major star, acting in Desperado and Heat, and he also made a hilarious cameo in the Book of Boba Fett. He’s been loyal to the Rams for over 50 years now.

Rebel Wilson

The Australian born funny girl was tagged by the NFL and the Rams to help promote the 2021 NFL Draft that was staged in Los Angeles, and she took over the Rams “Draft House” in Malibu.

Wilson had her breakthrough in Bridesmaids and is in the Pitch Perfect series. She told the Hollywood Reporter back in 2021 how she discovered football and the Rams:

“How I got into football was through that TV show Friday Night Lights. I freaking love that show, and then I segued into more sports documentaries. I was big on Hard Knocks and all that. There are so many documentaries on Netflix about youth football and college football and I’ve been just fascinated by it. There’s a big similarity between the NFL and the entertainment industry in terms of how hard you have to work to get to the top and how few people make it. I just really related to those journeys and to watching it in documentaries.”