Dodgers 2022 Futures Bets: Top Oddsmaker Says LA Lineup ‘Looks Like Murderers Row’

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MLB presents betting value and opportunity all year long.

Los Angeles Dodgers bettors have additional considerations to measure this summer. Because the team is heavily bet throughout the season, futures changes appear slowly, and only periodically.

But with roughly 100 games ahead in the MLB season, there are plenty of wagers Dodgers backers can make. 

Call it nine innings of betting.

1. The Run Line Pattern

“My goodness this team is loaded with talent,” Johnny Avello, the director of race and sportsbook operations for DraftKings, told “Up and down that lineup, it looks like Murderers Row.

“Now they have struggled a bit lately and they were just dinged by the San Francisco Giants (in a three-game sweep) but lately when they win, they win big.

“I think in the last month, there may have been one time when they won exactly by a run. Otherwise, it’s been two or more.

“A lot of bettors are laying the run and a half.  So instead of taking the Dodgers on the moneyline for two bucks (-200, or laying 2-1 odds), you’re getting them for maybe a dime  ( -110, or $11  to win 10.). Sometimes that’s the bet you have to be willing to make with the best teams.”

The Dodgers last captured a one-run game on May 28 against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Everything goes in cycles, and one can argue that some close victories are coming, but the moneyline odds on this team is generally  “thanks, but no thanks.’

2. Mookie Betts’ changing MVP Odds

Mookie Betts MVP. Up from +250 to +350 at Caesars, still being adjusted at DraftKings.

This will fluctuate gradually, like the pace of mutual funds in the stock market.

This is a classic buy-on-the-dip opportunity, providing the bettor does not believe it’s a free fall.

Betts is locked in for the top spot with Manny Machado of the San Diego Padres.

Entering the week of June 13, Betts’ support may stem from his 16 home runs, impressive for a leadoff position. The 39 RBI are also a strong number, as well as the 52 runs scored that led the National League. He is seventh in the league with 127 total bases, a strong number out of his lineup spot.

A fly in the ointment could be the .278 batting average. Good, but not stellar.

Machado has similar numbers, but with a .322 batting average.

Bettors will consider this a nicer potential return than last year when Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets shifted into minus numbers during an incredibly hot pitching streak.

These are reasonable odds for some who want to get their feet wet and put something down in June, provided they are ready to pounce again later.

NL MVP Bryce Harper made a decisive surge beginning late last July when he was as high as double digits.

Whether it’s Betts or someone else, gamblers can make a good handicapping call by looking at OPS. A winner will usually be above 1. Betts is .892. Machado is .922. Harper is 1,008.

3. Dodgers To Win It All. No change

The Dodgers are still the chalk to win the World Series at Draft Kings, +450.

They are ahead of the New York Yankees at +500, the Houston Astros at +650, the New York Mets at +750 and the Toronto Blue Jays at +900.

In light of how the Yankees are playing (44-16) this looks like a number that should tick higher. But bettors rarely quarrel with +450.

4. Dodgers to win the National League Pennant

This is +230 and looms as a piggyback candidate. Bettors might put more weight on this and place a smaller bet on the Dodgers to capture the World Series. Or they can go the other way, looking for a big-money score on the World Series and taking a hedge on the Dodgers to win the NL Flag, figuring they at least make a small profit if the Dodgers reach the World Series.

5. Dodgers to win the NL West: -180

Risk yes, Reward no. Pass.

This is one in which the needle should have been moving by now. Bettors may obtain some future value by monitoring this one.

The weekend sweep left the Dodgers tied with the San Diego Padres for the division lead.

Based on the task, this should be closer to even-money or slightly in the plus numbers to be attractive.

Bettors can read something else into the number. If the books still have faith in the Dodgers, despite the recent dip, bettors may continue loading up on individual games.

6. Can the Dodgers obtain the most regular-season victories in MLB?

Yes is + 400.

The price is attractive, but also represents the mounting odds the Dodgers face. They have turbulence in the form of a tough regular-season slate with the Giants and the San Diego Padres.

The Yankees have a much easier schedule and began the week at an off-the-charts 44-16. That translates to a 120-win season if this unreal streak could ever be maintained.

Another bet recently emerged along these lines.

7. Over/under win total

DraftKings has the odds of any team winning more than 104.5 games at -110. That number is up from over 103.5 at the beginning of the season. The Dodgers were in that conversation until recently. After the sweep by the Giants, their win pace would be 101.

8. Series bets

The Dodgers are usually favored in a three-game series and it’s not easy to cash here without laying major juice.

But one can parlay two dominant teams in a series.

This week, for instance, a parlay with the red-hot Philadelphia Phillies over the Miami Marlins and the Atlanta Braves over the Washington Nationals was priced at +131.

Values like this are placed all over the board throughout the week. The Dodgers host the Cleveland Guardians this weekend. If the series price is not great, it might still be leveraged with another bet to produce a profit.

9. The over-unders

Dodger bats are due to snap out soon. Bettors who see an over-under in the 8 range may consider it time to invest.

And that’s the beauty of baseball. There are ebbs. There are flows. And there’s always a bet if the patterns match your research.