Amon-Ra St. Brown Is Openly Recruiting Jalen Ramsey To Lions

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The NFL offseason is just getting underway and the future of Los Angeles Rams star cornerback Jalen Ramsey is already at the forefront of a number of rumors and rumblings.

Ramsey is coming off another very strong season by the Rams, although many people seem to think that’s not the case for some reason. I guess that’s what happens when the bar is literally being the best defensive back in the league for the last half decade. But nonetheless, Ramsey is still very good and only 28 years of age and a number of teams would be lining up for his services if the Rams decide to move on.

With Sean McVay, Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford all deciding to return for the 2023 season though, the Rams are still very much in the business of competing in 2023. I’ve already written about this extensively, but that is the reason why I find it very hard to believe that Ramsey will also not be on the Rams in 2023.

But regardless, the rumors are swirling and Ramsey sure hasn’t helped squash them. He’s always been one to speak his mind and he has hinted at a trade being a possibility multiple times this offseason.

With that being the case, it looks like the Ramsey recruitment tour is already underway. Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is the latest to recruit Ramsey, pointing to his previous relationship with quarterback Jared Goff as a potential reason to join them in Detroit.

“I keep seeing these Jalen Ramsey (rumors). They might release him, or how that’s gonna work,” St. Brown said on his podcast with his brother. “Jalen, if you can hear this … Talk to me, talk to me … I know you played with [Jared] Goff before. Detroit might seem like a landing spot, my guy.”

As Ramsey does best, he added fuel to the fire when he responded to the recruitment pitch on Twitter:

What Ramsey is referring to is the Rams’ Week 18 game this past season when they needed to beat the Seattle Seahawks in order for the Lions to make the playoffs. Although the Rams fell short with an overtime loss, Ramsey played his best game of the season with two interceptions and a number of big tackles to keep it close.

There’s no doubt St. Brown was watching on that Sunday and is very familiar with Ramsey’s game, so it’s not surprising to see that he wants him in Detroit. Ramsey is still an elite player that has a number of prime years ahead of him.

Why these recruitment pitches are pointless

The only problem for St. Brown and others recruiting Ramsey is that it is pointless.

As Ramsey himself is well aware of, the chances of him getting cut this offseason are literally zero. He has a cap hit of $25.2 million for the 2023 season that the Rams will be responsible for regardless, so cutting him would serve no purpose. He has an out in his contract before the 2024 season, so this may be a conversation a year from now, but definitely not now.

With that being the reality, the only way Ramsey will not be playing for the Rams in 2023 is if he is traded. Which means that he would not get to choose his destination.

The only reason a trade is a possibility is because the Rams don’t have any salary cap space at their disposal. But trading Ramsey before June 1 would save them only $5.6 million while trading him after June 1 would save them $17 million, according to OverTheCap.

Most teams have completed their offseason roster building before June 1 and would be unlikely to make a trade of that magnitude at that time. Plus, the Rams would be looking for draft picks in return and June 1 is well after the draft takes place.

So while I got nothing but love for St. Brown, a USC legend who has also helped me win plenty of fantasy matchups the last couple of years, respectfully back off our guy please!