‘Former’ Rams D-Lineman? A Very Serious Breakdown Of Aaron Donald’s (Hopeful) Twitter Typo

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aaron donald

Wait until the media hears about this one.

A prominent member of the LA Rams does not have any mention of team in his Twitter bio. Clearly this means that he’s retiring, or unhappy with his contract, perhaps he’s angry at Coach Sean McVay.

I speak of course, of tight end Tyler Higbee.

Higbee’s Twitter account (@Ty_Higs19) has a picture of him in a Rams jersey, but his bio only says WKU alumni (that’s Western Kentucky) and his last tweet was in October, which ironically was the last time the Rams were in contention.

All kidding aside, over the weekend, Rams superstar defensive lineman Aaron Donald’s Twitter account (@AD_99) changed and said he was a “former NFL D Linemen for the Rams #99.”


Once it was picked up and retweeted all around the NFL Twitter-verse (there is such a thing), it was amended. As of Tuesday morning, the word former had been removed.

Everything was happy in Rams Twitter land. But was this a joke? How serious do we take this bio alteration? Should we all log off of Twitter forever? (The answer is yes to all of these questions).

The Former Aaron Donald

Donald’s Twitter account is verified with the blue check, but his account is unremarkable.

Its mainly some ads and touts for his AD99 solutions community program which serves Pittsburgh youth.

But listen, I’m a journalist, Twitter is my drug. You don’t just change your bio or profile picture by accident. Someone put the word ‘former’ in Donald’s account for a few hours and then it was changed back.

Donald is coming off a disappointing season like the rest of the Rams, missing the second half with an ankle injury. He filed his retirement papers with the NFL last year after the Rams won the Super Bowl, but then signed a big deal and came back.

You can laugh all you want about this, Donald’s wife Erica did, she posted a GIF of Michael Scott from The Office in response to the firestorm saying “Chillax.”

I don’t see how this was a mistake. Someone logged into Donald’s account (it is probably true that the account is shared with his people) and wrote the word former in there. The media makes big deals about pro players following or unfollowing teams, or deleting all connections to the team they play for, because it’s intentional!

Count me one of the skeptics, no Miss Donald, I don’t think I will Chillax as a Rams fan.

Twitter, The Rams And You

I went down the rabbit hole though to see just how many Rams, you know, talk about the Rams in their Twitter space.

Jalen Ramsey (@jalenramsey) doesn’t have the word Rams in his bio, but does say he is a Super Bowl Champ. His last tweets were about the Jags comeback Saturday night. Does this mean he wants to be traded to the Jags? Oh wait. He already played there.

Cooper Kupp (@CooperKupp) lists a Bible verse and his wife’s twitter account (but hers is protected). It only says Yakima to LA. Does this mean he’s not a Ram either anymore?

Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) has nothing in his bio about any team, but he does list a business contact and a link to an Ohio-themed clothing store with a lot of Joe Burrow shirts. Oh, poor Baker.

So maybe all these guys aren’t Rams either?

Are They Rams Or Not?

Rams back-up quarterbacks Bryce Perkins (@TDN_Perk) and John Wolford (@johnwolford_9) take different approaches. Perkins has LA Rams written in his bio, but hasn’t tweeted in two months. Wolford’s big profile picture is of him in a Rams jersey…warming up. That’s good. That’s the only thing Ram fans want to see Wolford do.

What about Rams disgruntled running back Cam Akers (@thereal_cam3)? Akers bio just says Blessed | #MISSISSIPPIMADE | FSU | LA Rams.

I’m sorry Cam, but the #MISSISSIPPIMADE hashtag hasn’t caught on. Akers has 67K followers and his account is mostly ads and plugs for appearances.

Tutu Atwell (@tutuatwell) has LA Ram WR as the first thing in his bio. So he’s a Ram, in case you have forgotten.

Rams OL Rob Havenstein has a bit of a problem in that his account name (@robhavenstein78) is the wrong number. It must have been his college number. His bio says #79 LA Rams. Honestly though Rob, was @robhavenstein79 taken by someone? I have to believe it was available. It’s not that hard to switch. Havenstein has 1,400 followers. My burner account has more. But what’s an offensive lineman to do?

Props to Rams WR Ben Skowronek for his clever Twitter name (@BennySkow), but his big twitter picture is from when he was at Notre Dame. The smaller profile shot shows him as a Ram, but his bio doesn’t say anything about the Rams. He’s only tweeted like six times all year.

Lastly, you may notice there is no mention of Rams projected starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. He doesn’t have an active Twitter account, at least not one easily seen. Playing for the Lions for 12 years will do that to you.